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STEP 1 -Choose A Theme!

100's Of Beautifully Designed Website Themes...


DotcomBuildr comes fully loaded with ready to use beautifully designed templates created by design professionals.

You don’t need to know a thing about web design. Just browse the template library.

Select a template that fits your style then point and click you way to a great looking fully functional websites.

We’ve got templates for just about every niche.

Build a website for yourself (or even your clients) in the categories of... business, internet marketing, food, dating, marriage, restaurant, music, fashion, beauty, health, wellness, personal training, art, ecommerce, hotels, travel, lodging, technology, photography, bands, service providers and many more.

Each template comes in a professional and clean style. Images are already includes as well. All you have to do is add your own text.

Of course you can change the templates structure as you see fit.

You can add images and videos from our media library or you can upload your own.

STEP 2 - Add Stripes!

The "Building Blocks" of Your WebSites...


With DotComBuildr each page in your site is assembled by stripes.

You can add as many different stripes as you wish to fit the functionality and the design of your choice.

To add a new stripe to a page: Select the best location for your new stripe between the existing ones and click the blue plus (+) button which appears as you hover.

Now, you’ll see a variety of sections to choose from. These are sorted into galleries according to their function.

From the left menu, select the type of stripe you’re looking for: As you click on the section of your choice, on the right you’ll see different design templates.

Use the arrow buttons to browse through them until you find the one you like. After selecting a template, click the Add Section button – the green plus (+) – to add the stripe to your page.

All done!

Time to edit your new stripe.

STEP 3 - Add Elements!

Just Click - Edit - Mix & Match...

With DotComBuildr you no longer need to stick to the tiresome drag & drop method.

In fact, every template you choose has inbuilt features and functionalities.

Your website’s pages are built out of stripes which include elements and items.

All you have to do is mix & match the types of stripes and elements you want then simply click & edit to suit them to your needs.​

You can add as many stripes as you wish to your page, and add different elements within them to create a unique design.

You never have to start from scratch, since templates are always ready for you to redesign with the fonts, colors, videos and images of your choice.