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Build An Unlimited Number Of Websites With Unlimited Pages, 300+ Themes, Ecommerce, Video, 30+ Languages, Blogging, & Hosting At One Low Price!

 – Over 17 Million Sites Created –

 Fully Functional Reliable Website Building Platform That Is Easy To Use!…

 – Easy + Simple + Reliable –

  Fast Loading Mobile Friendly Websites That Work Great And Look Gorgeous!

Build Beautiful Websites Powered By World Class Google & Amazon Hosting!

The platform that powers DotComBuildr was created as a solution for people like YOU.

Yes!… for people who need to create a website but get frustrated and give up even before completing the process.

For most people it’s just too complicated, expensive and confusing.

So… Let’s solve these issues.

DotComBuildr makes website building a simple and enjoyable experience, at a price that is accessible for everyone.

A top level team of web-design professionals and developers will make sure you always have the finest collection of web-designs.

The DotComBuilder platform is powered by Google & Amazon, providing you with a robust and reliable foundation for all your website needs.

Access to DotComBuildr also comes with eCommerce and blogging.

It’s super-simple, you don’t need to code and the results are fully responsive & search engine friendly.

We kid you not! 😉

 – Professionally Designed THemes –

  Choose From Over 300+ Mobile Responsive Website Themes & Page Templates!…

No Design Skills – no Problem

You Don’t Need To Know Anything About Web Design!…


Build Like A Toy – With Blocks

With DotComBuildr’s website building tools you don’t need to know a thing about webdesign.

We have beautiful website templates to start with, and beautiful elements to add on top.

You’ll be surprised how well your websites look once you’re done, without any effort.

The builder works just like a toy.

You can play around with it and actually have fun creating your website.

Click around and try things out!…

In no time you will have a great looking website that looks professionally designed.

 – With ALl Advanced FeatureS Unlocked –

Now Building A Beautiful Fast Loading Mobile Friendly Website Is Easy As 1-2-3!…

STEP 1 -Choose A Theme!

100’s Of Beautifully Designed Website Themes…


DotcomBuildr comes fully loaded with ready to use beautifully designed templates created by design professionals.

You don’t need to know a thing about web design. Just browse the template library.

Select a template that fits your style then point and click you way to a great looking fully functional websites.

We’ve got templates for just about every niche.

Build a website for yourself (or even your clients) in the categories of… business, internet marketing, food, dating, marriage, restaurant, music, fashion, beauty, health, wellness, personal training, art, ecommerce, hotels, travel, lodging, technology, photography, bands, service providers and many more.

Each template comes in a professional and clean style. Images are already includes as well. All you have to do is add your own text.

Of course you can change the templates structure as you see fit.

You can add images and videos from our media library or you can upload your own.

STEP 2 – Add Stripes!

The “Building Blocks” of Your WebSites…


With DotComBuildr each page in your site is assembled by stripes.

You can add as many different stripes as you wish to fit the functionality and the design of your choice.

To add a new stripe to a page: Select the best location for your new stripe between the existing ones and click the blue plus (+) button which appears as you hover.

Now, you’ll see a variety of sections to choose from. These are sorted into galleries according to their function.

From the left menu, select the type of stripe you’re looking for: As you click on the section of your choice, on the right you’ll see different design templates.

Use the arrow buttons to browse through them until you find the one you like. After selecting a template, click the Add Section button – the green plus (+) – to add the stripe to your page.

All done!

Time to edit your new stripe.

STEP 3 – Add Elements!

Just Click – Edit – Mix & Match…

With DotComBuildr you no longer need to stick to the tiresome drag & drop method.

In fact, every template you choose has inbuilt features and functionalities.

Your website’s pages are built out of stripes which include elements and items.

All you have to do is mix & match the types of stripes and elements you want then simply click & edit to suit them to your needs.​

You can add as many stripes as you wish to your page, and add different elements within them to create a unique design.

You never have to start from scratch, since templates are always ready for you to redesign with the fonts, colors, videos and images of your choice.

 - Built For success without stress -

Regular People, Building A Variety Of Websites On The Very Same Platform!

Andrew Built Yee Light...

Vicky Built Her Yoga Site...

Miroslav Invented Coffee Cloud...

Aldo Created His "Little" Shop...

 - And Here Is how you can build your own -

 – No Upgrading Required –

You Get Access To Every Pro Feature, Theme, Add-on And Customizable Option!…

Visually Impressive

Our templates are designed by experienced, well known designers and ought to leave an impression on your users. The animation effects will blow their minds.

Social Media

Any content you’ll add is responsive-by-nature and will naturally adjust itself to any device: Laptops, Tablets, Mobile-phones & even google glass and smart-watches.

SEO Standards

We included a full SEO control over your content. As well as nicely structured HTML and site-structure that makes sure your site loads fast. Your site is optimized for Google crawlers.

Scalable Tools

You can build a one-pager, or 1000-pager. Our system can support the largest news websites as well as the smallest portfolio. You have no limits on your growth.

Ecommerce Included

Sell anything, just add a price to any item – and you got an online store. Full professional credit-card checkout, analytics & management console. Powered by ShopRocket.

Image Settings

With DotComBuildr you have full control over your images. Add top colors, set opacity and add animation and effects to them. Everything your gallery needs to look professionally designed.

Effects And Animation

Mouse-over, scrolling, and entrance effects can be added to every element on your website to give your users that wanted feeling of ‘WOW’. Don’t over do it though, subtlety is the key here

Icons And Fonts

DotComBuildr’s website creator includes a growing stock of free icons. We’re adding new icons constantly so you’re site will never look outdated. You can also choose from tons of fonts that will complement your site’s design.

Quickly Change Layout

Design your website however you like. Change your content block layout in just 1 click! Make your image a background or move it to the right, or perhaps the bottom? Your call

Galleries And Slide Shows

Create beautiful galleries and slide shows at the click of a button. Add slide in visual effects and rotate images automatically on a timer or when your visitors click to the next image.

Easy Blog Builder

Our website maker makes blogging dead-easy. Just create a new blog post and simply add titles, text, images, social and more. All you have to do is come up with great content – everything else is on us.

Margins And Padding

Full control over margins and padding between the elements on your site. Our designers already set everything up to look the best, but you can always change it if want.

Everything’s All In One Place FOr…

Quick Website Creation While Maintaining The Beauty Of A Work Of Art!

Powerful Features Make Dotcom Buildr Your Best Choice…

Sure there are plenty of other online tools you can use to create websites.

The truth is, typical cloud based website builders only come with basic versions for editing and website management.

If you want their full set of tools you usually have to upgrade to a higher cost package.


DotComBuildr is a more functional alternative with a wider set of tools and options.

DotComBuildr is gives you all of it’s features and benefits – with no extra fees!

DotComBuildr is easier to use when designing each page from scratch.

DotComBuildr is a more e-commerce and SEO oriented website builder letting you not only create and publish a solid site without coding but also growing your business.

Let’s have a look at the core features that make DotComBuildr obviously a better choice.

The What You See Is What You Get Editor Is Easy To Use…

Remember, if you have no design skills?

No problem…

With DotComBuildr’s what you see is what you get (WYSWYG) editor you can edit all your text for your content just like you would in word document editor.

Changing fonts, colors, spacing, styles, spacing size and more can all be done without having to worry about writing a single line of code.

Again, we have beautiful website templates to start with, and beautiful elements to add on top.

You’ll be surprised how well your websites look once you’re done, without any effort.

You can play around with it and actually have fun creating your website.

In no time you will have a great looking website that looks professionally designed.

Pre-Made Sections You Can Mix, Match & Customize On The Fly To Create Great Looking Websites At Record Speed…








Articles Text


Bio/ CV






Call to Actions






and more….

Searchable Media Center Filled With Images, Videos Animations, Objects & More To Make Your Site Standout…

Yes it’s true a picture can be worth a thousand words.

That’s why DotCombuilder comes with a robust built in media center.

The Media Center is filled with hundreds of images all categorized so you can add just the right image at the click of a button.

Images of People, Nature, Animals, Cityscape, Business, Food, Items, Objects, Animated GIF’s, and Patterns.

Seven Day Trial – Get Access Today…

“Wow, You Really Can Control Each Site Down To The Finest Detail!”

Customize Size, Color, Background, Fonts, Spacing Position and Effects For Each Section And Items…

Its easy to take any template and adjust it so that your website looks exactly how you want.

For each section you can add or remove the title, sub title body or icon/image and re-arrange them in the order that you see fit

You can add a slide show to any section to display completely different content all together (an entirely different combination of a new title, subtitle, body, and or image

Effects also give you the ability to draw eye catching attention to specified sections with…

Slide In, Fade, Squares, Fade In, Grow, and Slide Up Effect.

Use Your Website Builder In Multiple Languages…

EN – English

ES – Spanish

RU – Russian

FR – French

IT – Italian

JA – Japanese

IW – Hebrew

AR – Arabic

PL – Polish

DE – German

KO – Korean

PT – Portuguese

NL – Dutch

ID – Indonesian

BG – Bulgarian

SV – Swedish

TR – Turkish

DA – Danish

HU – Hungarian

TH – Thai

VI – Vietnamese

HR – Croatian

SK – Slovak

CS – Czech

EL – Greek

NO – Norwegian

LT – Lithuanian

BR – Brazilian

MN – Mongolian

MS – Malaysian

CA – Catalan

HI – Hindi

Contact & Email List Pop Up Forms, Integrated With iMos, Mail Chimp, Aweber, & Getresponse…

Email list building is critical in building your business.

Dotcombuildr comes with features that allow you to create attention grabbing popup messages.

You can make your pop up forms look exactly the way you want starting with a simple form template.

Edit and add fields to collect emails, names, addresses, phone number and any data that you desire.

Includes integration with popular email marketing platforms such as… Aweber, GetRespone, MailChimp, and IMOS.

Modify Site Wide Look Of Your Web Menus, Content, & Add Password Protected Access In Just A Few Clicks… 

With site settings its easy to manage the look and feel of every page of you website with just a few clicks.

Add effects that are triggered as the user scrolls down the page. Adjust and change your menu layout.

Change the websites font style and dimensions.

Password protect the website.

Add cool widgets that bring your website to life with…

Live Chat, Scroll to top, Ribbon, Loading Bars, Cookies Consent, Feedback, Social Sharing, and even add Raw HTML.

Ready To Edit Collections And Styles...

Build Any Type Of Page  Including, Blogs And Ecommerce Stores!...

Each Theme Comes With It’s Own Set Of Ready To Use Page Templates & You Can Add Unlimited Additional Pages Too!…

Adding additional pages to your website is simple and easy with DotComBuildr.

That’s because each theme template comes loaded with its own set of matching pages that you can customize.

No need to waste time trying make all you pages look great, we’ve got you covered.

And of course each page works in exactly the same way, so go ahead add new stripes/sections, items, and elements.

Mix and match until each of your pages looks perfect.

Build A Variety Of  eCommerce Stores & Sell Digital Or Physical Products…

Every website you build with DotComBuildr includes our eCommerce solution at no extra fees.

You can build your store website and start selling online without the usual high costs.

You get access to gorgeous eCommerce templates that allow you to showcase your products and services to potential customers in just a few clicks.

Your all-in-one website templates provide everything you need to start your online store, build a brand, and boost sales.

Your integrated e-commerce solutions will have you (and your customers) jumping for joy.

DotComBuildr is a solution that includes everything your need to grow your online business.

Your online store templates come in a variety of styles, and each one is easily customized so your store matches your brand.

Solid Platform For Enhanced Blogging and Content Posting…

Whether you want to create a stunning personal blog or ensure professional blogging for your online marketing needs, DotComBuildr will certainly meet your needs.

A selection of tools makes it easy to design and edit a blog that will stand out.

The platform has a separate Blog Settings section to customize your site.

Here you can change colors, chose fonts, change element’s dimensions and add multimedia files.

Essential SEO tools include settings like meta tags and keywords in addition to advanced features like page previews in Social networks and search engines.

Add Elements As Needed To Any Section & Make Your Pages Stand Out…

Ahhh… Yes… This is were things get interesting.

Elements are the smallest part of each of your pages, but…

They can make all the difference in the world when it comes to making your website totally awesome!

In general, you can add.

  • Videos
  • Images
  • Prices
  • Buttons
  • Icons
  • Maps
  • Dividers
  • Social media buttons
  • Text areas.
  • Titles
  • Subtitles

Simply click on the type of element you want to add, and it’s there.

Ready for you to customize and edit within seconds!

Instant Access -Build In the Cloud With…

Every Pro-Feature Unlocked And Ready To Use For Your Website Building Needs!…

Live Chat, Feedback, Social Media, & Promo Ribbons Grab Attention…

Engaging with your customers live is a sure fire way to boost sales and conversion rates.

DotComBuildr gives you the tools you need.

Want to know what your visitors thing about your website, product or service?… Add a feedback widget form that gets email to you once they submit the form.

Want to boost sales, bookings, reservations and more?… Set up a free account and let your visitors chat with you or your team in real time with the integration widget.

Add a customizable “promo” red ribbon to call out your special offers.

Get more social media shares and likes on FaceBook, Twitter, Tubmlr, Pinterest and more.

Just add the ready to use widgets to your pages!

Point, Click, Edit & Publish… Your Website Is Ready – Simple + Easy + Unlimited Licenses…

DotComBuildr’s website building platform was created for anyone looking for unlimited web hosting that offers the full power and capabilities of a full featured and robust website builder.

And it’s perfect for anyone who wants to build an online store with full e-commerce functionality without expensive upgrades.

There’s a wide variety of icons and fonts you can use, and there are also plenty of features you can us with your images and videos as well, from color and opacity, to animation and effects.

Color schemes, layout changes, margins and paddings, adding additional elements – it’s your choice.

Everything in your design is highly customizable.

If you want to change the way elements are displayed in a specific section of your page, you can rearrange those too.


No More Tiresome Drag And Drop To Get Your Own Unique Websites Just Point, Click & Change The Layout…

With DotComBuildr you no longer need to stick to the tiresome Drag-and-Drop method.

In fact every template you choose has inbuilt features and functionalities that are ready to go.


Your web pages are built out of blocks or sections that we call “Stripes” which include pre-designed elements and items.

But, you still have total control to change anything within each stripe, element or item.

All you have to do is mix and match the types of stripes, and elements you want to appear on your pages and simply click and edit them to suit your needs.

You can add as many stripes as you wish to your pages, and add different elements within each stripe to create a unique design.

You never have to start from scratch, since templates are always ready for you configure with the fonts, colors, videos and images of your choice.

Add FaceBook, Google, OpenTable, PDF, SoundCloud Countdown, Donate, Twitter And Custom HTML With Advanced Widgets..

Need to deliver special reports or even full ebooks right on your pages?

The PDF embedding widget has got you covered

Got audio or music you want to share with the world?… Go ahead.

Upload your files to SouldCloud and you can embed them right inside your pages.

Create urgency and generate more response with a Countdown timer that looks great.

Want to use social proof to build your business?… People just love sharing and talking about things that other people talk about and share as well. Right?…

So just click one of the FaceBook Comments, Facebook Likes, Twitter, or Google Reviews widgets, configure and add them to an item within you page.

Add Paypal donation buttons and even CUSTOM HTML widgets from just about any online service.

Just click and configure…

Seriously – That’s how simple it is to do.

Bonus Agency License Included

Start Your Own WebDesign Agency At No Additional Cost & Charge Any Price You Want!

Make Money Selling Web Design Services for $100's or Even $1000's Of Dollars Or More Per Site!...


Look, we could have just handed you access to DotComBuildr so you can build websites for yourself on an unlimited basis, but…

We’ve decided to take it one step further.

We are giving you a full blown business on a platter with the ability to build websites for other businesses.

You can literally start your own web design agency with DotComBuildr...

And there are no extra fees!

You can sell web design services for as much as you want, it’s totally up to you.

 – With Over 300+ Current Themes –

You Can Sell Webdesign Services In Any Niche!…