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The DotCom Success System!…

Live Chat, Feedback, Social Media, & Promo Ribbons Grab Attention…

The Quick Start Guide!
The Quick Start Guide & Special “Burn After Reading” Traffic Secret!
The Master Manual!
Lesson #1 – Your Personal Self Commitment To Getting Started Now!
Lesson #2 – Millionaire Mindsets To Achieving Rapid Success!
Lesson #3 – Introduction – Follow These Rules To Get People To Buy From You!
Lesson #4 – The Basic Things You Need To Know And Get Familiar With Right Away!
Lesson #5 – How To Easily Find A Starving Crowd Of Buying Customers Lightning Fast!
Lesson #6 – How To Generate A Non-Stop Flow Of Hot Selling Info-Product Ideas Daily!
Lesson #7 – Three Words That Will Crush Your Competition And Siphon Off Their Profits!
Lesson #8 – How To Create In Demand, Hot Selling Info-Products While Being Super Lazy!
Lesson #9 – Easily Creating Best Sellers From Free UnCopyrighted Public Domain Works!
Lesson #10 – Stepping Into Big Time Profits By Creating Your Own Software Products!
Lesson #11 – Free Tools That Make Your Products Super-Appealing And Easy To Use!
Lesson #12 – Cheaply Creating Simple Little Websites That Pull In Tidal-Waves Of Profits!
Lesson #13 – Mental Triggers That Make People Buy Your Products In Droves!
Lesson #14 – How To Quickly Get An Order Taking Website Live And Online Lighting Fast!
Lesson #15 – Easily Developing Your Website Without The Technical Headache!
Lesson #16 – Increasing Your Products Appeal With Eye-Catching Graphics! 
Lesson #17 – Accepting Credit Cards And Delivering The Product All At Once!
Lesson #18 – Pricing Your Products So You Are Literally Guaranteed Big Fat Pay Days!
Lesson #19 – Email Marketing: Your Most  Critical Profit Strategy And How To Do It 
Lesson #20 – Building A Huge Email List That Literally Produces Profits On Demand!
Lesson #21 – Squeeze Pages: What They Are And Why You Need To Use Them Now!
Lesson #22 – The Best Alternative To The Squeeze Page Method!
Lesson #23 – A Peek At A Profitable Email Messages You Can Legally Steal Ideas From!
Lesson #24 – The A-to-Z Pictorial Guide To Working With Your Email List At Aweber.Com
Lesson #25 – How To Double And Even Triple Your Sales By Doing This One Simple Thing!
Lesson #26 – The Back End: Where  Real  Profits Are And how Millionaires Are Made!
Lesson #27 – The BIG Secret To Becoming Successful As Quickly As Humanly Possible!
Lesson #28 –  The Ultimate Final Lessons That Can Really Change Your Life Starting Now!
Lesson #29 – Master Marketers Profitable Business Ideas Interview Transcript!
The Traffic Domination MEGA Course!…
Manual #1 – Article Marketing Traffic Course
Manual #2 – Affiliate Program & Joint Venture Traffic Course
Manual #3 – Adwords and Pay-Per-Click Traffic Course
Manual #4 – Viral Marketing Traffic Course
Manual #5 – Search Engine Optimization Traffic Course
Manual #6 – Blog Marketing Traffic Course
Manual #7 – Web 2.0 and Social Media Traffic Course $37.00
Manual #8 – Twitter Traffic Course
Manual #9 – Facebook Traffic Course
Manual #10 – Press Release Traffic Course
Manual #11 – Ebay Traffic Course
Manual #12 – Co-Registration Traffic Course
Fast Action Bonuses!
100 Ready To Go Editable Newsletter Issues
101 Ready To Go Editable Newsletter Issues
Increasing Sales With Teleseminars
Legal Protection – Incorporating, Taxes, & Finding A Biz Lawyer

– Bonus Number Two –

The Inside Strategies Of An Elite Super Affiliate!…

Broke Irish Kid Collects Over $1,000,000 In Internet Affiliate Program Sales And His Sales Formulas Are Now Yours!

Yes, it’s completely true… my good friend, Andrew Fox, has devised a consistent method that he uses to “strike it rich” with almost every affiliate program, product, or website he touches…

You see, information that, when applied correctly, has the power to take your own promotions to amazing new heights, and revolutionize the way you’re currently involved in the affiliate marketing world.

Techniques that, when utilized, can inflate your commission checks, turn dead-beat prospects into cash-in-hand eager beaver buyers, raise your status within your down line or organization, and secure you “inner circle” privileges and unadvertised bonuses directly from the affiliate owners themselves.

Larger referral fees, cross-promotion for your own products, exclusive invitations to “closed-door events” and massively profitable, long-term relationships with the core founders of the affiliate organization are just some of the benefits you experience while enjoying your status as the #1 affiliate.

A full hour’s walk-through of the most profitable strategies Andrew used to mine real cash from his affiliate enterprises. Watch them in the comfort of your home, on your own PC, with full video/sound instruction.

  • The written transcripts on the above audio interviews, for your reference and reading pleasure.

  • Audios in MP3 format, in Multi-Media formats.


  • The Affiliate Manuscript that takes you behind the scenes, deep into the inner workings of Andrew’s most successful affiliate campaigns.

It shares with you the initial relationship-building cover letters Andrew used to set-up each campaign, his personal ad copy, result statistics and more… giving you the chance to copy the tactics in your own business models, for your own profitability.

– Bonus Number Three –

Successful Life Strategies To Capitalize On Change!…

Learn From Someone Who’s Regularly Used by CEOs of Disney… AT&T… XEROX… IBM… To Inspire Their Employees!

 The Six Hour Successful
Life Strategies System.

Lee Milteer is one of America’s most highly esteemed and sought after human potential speakers and productivity coaches.

But don’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of her before now!

As the President of Lee Milteer Inc., Career Development Strategists, Lee is one of the corporate world’s best-kept secrets, having counseled and trained thousands of professionals all over North America and Europe.

Organizations including Walt Disney… AT&T… XEROX… IBM… Ford Motor Co…. Federal Express… 3M… the US Navy… Bell Telephone… and many others, plus hundreds of government agencies and scores of conventions and associations, repeatedly retain her to inspire people to recognize and use their own talents and potential.

Lee is also the founder of the world famous Millionaire Mindset Coaching program, and a world-renowned speaker on human potential, sharing the speaking platform with many well-known personalities, including:

– Bonus Number four –

The Ultimate Secret – 32 Step System To Online Selling!…

Add FaceBook, Google, OpenTable, PDF, SoundCloud Countdown, Donate, Twitter And Custom HTML With Advanced Widgets..

Need to deliver special reports or even full ebooks right on your pages?

The PDF embedding widget has got you covered

Got audio or music you want to share with the world?… Go ahead.

Upload your files to SouldCloud and you can embed them right inside your pages.

Create urgency and generate more response with a Countdown timer that looks great.

Want to use social proof to build your business?… People just love sharing and talking about things that other people talk about and share as well. Right?…

So just click one of the FaceBook Comments, Facebook Likes, Twitter, or Google Reviews widgets, configure and add them to an item within you page.

Add Paypal donation buttons and even CUSTOM HTML widgets from just about any online service.

Just click and configure…

Seriously – That’s how simple it is to do.

– Bonus Number Five –

Millionaire Money Secrets – The Ultimate Internet Entrepreneur!…

Two Internet Marketing Legends Discuss How You Can Make Millions of Dollars Using The Internet Teamed Up With Direct Mail, Radio, TV, Classified ads, Infomercials, and MORE!

They’ve taught 1,000’s of ‘real’ people to make incomes of $100,000 to $2.5 MILLION per year!

Every strategy Corey and Dan spoke about was based on their personal portfolio of WINNING test results from million-dollar marketing campaigns they had EACH been part of!


For example, they talked about…


    • The Four-Stage Cycle that occurs every time a new marketing technology is invented — and how you can make MILLIONS at every stage — not just as a lucky “early adopter!”

    • Can YOU afford to advertise on TV? — MAYBE! Calculate what you can afford to spend on advertising — in EVERY medium, including direct mail, radio, classifieds, TV, and infomercials — using Dan’s dollar-cost averaging formula.

    • How RICH marketers think differently than POOR marketers! Get insight into the genius minds of Corey, Dan, and their millionaire clients — and learn exactly how they “think” their way to wealth!

    • Learn how to spot “Market Gaps” — hidden pockets of unfilled need, where you can swoop in and scoop up 1,000’s of eager buyers for instant profits!

    • The NEW generation of “tear sheet” mailings that one of Dan’s clients — an Internet business owner — recently used to make $20 for every $1 spent on his direct mail campaign!

    • How to get permission from first-time buyers to BILL THEM AGAIN, over and over, for more of the same product or service, for years to come!

    • What 99% of  Ads are doing WRONG — and how to fix it! (HINT: You do NOT need to buy a bigger ad, or spend MORE money on color and artwork!)

    • Amazing TRUE story: Two guys sold almost IDENTICAL products, with the SAME offer, to the SAME audience — yet one guy made $2 Million MORE all thanks to just one simple strategy!

    • The 2 blockbuster marketing ideas that Corey got from Dan, which made him over $100,000 in profits (that’s cash in hand!) — in less than 24 months!